Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Summer Bucket List Challenge 2024!


I’m coming up with a list of items I want to complete this summer and I’m almost done with it.  A new little challenge for myself.  Do you want to join me?  I hope you will.  We need to have some fun and do some things we otherwise might not get around to doing.  It is far too easy for the summer to get away from us.


Here is the challenge.  Come up with ten things you would like to do this summer.  It can literally be anything.  And!  You get to change your mind at anytime too.  If you decide there is something else you’d rather do you can definitely make that change.  And!  If you want to do more than ten things you can!  But for sure, at least ten things.  Come up with ten things you want to do and then do them.


I think it is going to be a really fun challenge.  If you want to share what you are doing, I’d love to hear about it.  I will share mine too.  So how about it?  Want to create your summer bucket list?  Let’s do it!



  1. This is a great idea and I need to come up with a list. Otherwise, I will be at loose ends all summer, focusing on chores and the like. We can't have that!

    1. So right! We do plenty of chores. We need to have some fun!!

  2. I like your rules, hahahaha!

  3. How fun! I'll play...
    Go on a picnic. Drive on the Blue Ridge parkway.
    Go to a farmer's market. See fireworks.
    Eat watermelon. Grill/cookout weekly
    Go for a hike on the New River. Camp in a yurt? I need to check availability.
    Stay up to watch a meteor shower.
    Celebrate anniversary by staying in a Hobbit hole.

  4. I'm going to check out one library book per week on an art technique and learn a new one or refresh/expand my knowledge of techniques I know already.

  5. Here's mine:
    1. Eat dinner on the patio at the picnic table or even better, a picnic at the park, outside. Then swing on the swings.
    2. Go to the Sunday evening outdoor city band concert.
    3. Walk the city trails at least monthly.
    4. Put up fairy lights on the screen porch.
    5. New blinds for the new back porch window.
    6. Take a Sunday drive on the back roads around my home town.
    7. More shade plants on the porch.
    8. Unearth the sewing the sewing machine and sew something fun. No mending!
    9. Plant blue morning glory flowers by the old windmill stand.
    10. Spend one entire work day at home reading. No housework.


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